Monday, September 17, 2007

FriendsWin Sign Up Links Are Ready

FriendsWin Sign Up Links Are Ready
Friendswin finaly released the sign up links for members. You can now recruit new members by sending them directly to your affiliate link.

If you haven't signed up yet then here is my link:

You probably want to join asap and reserve your free spot. We do have the strongest team so I believe you will get spill over from our efforts.

Friendswin is going viral. More and more people are joining this giant. Those who have a lot of friends on Myspace could be sitting on a gold mine. Imagine if you joined Myspace right at the beginning and got paid for all the members who joined after you.

I think Friendswin has a lot of potential so you really have nothing to lose with the free sign up option. Social Networking that pays you back!